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Funeral Urns

All ceramics are hand-turned, our Urns contain from 1.4 to 3 liters. We have a chart that will guide you in choosing the right size of Urn according to the weight of the person being cremated.


To share the ashes, you will find several reliquaries arranged to the models and color or the Urn. Also urns for pets.


Available in the same color as the Urn, the small crosses of 3 to 5 ‘’ are a great gift idea.


Crucifix with Jesus and Inri, Christ King on a cross, our crucifix are exclusive models. To learn more, see our company ‘s history.


Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus, Our Lady of trust, Mary praying, Little Aurelia, these figurines are also our exclusive models.


On plates of different shapes, you can have : ‘’Our Father ’’, ‘’ Prayer of Serenity’’, ‘’ Hail Mary’’.

Personalize your Urn.

Let your heart speak and decorate your Urn. Write a message, the name of the deceased, dates... Permanents pencils are also available.

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Everything is handmade in our workshop.


It all started with the idea of ​​making crucifixes. Without a workshop or knowledge, this tenacious and persistent idea led me to the Sister Adoratrice of the Precious Blood of Saint-Hyacinthe, who in the early 20th century, manufactured crucifixes and plaster figurines. Having no succession, they agreed to sell us the molds.

Thanks to the artistic knowledge of his mother, Guy was introduced to pottery and then became the apprentice of a Japanese master when he was a young adult. It was obvious that plaster molds would be converted into molds for ceramics. What an adventure! And bet won!

Guy’s talent comes alive again to create beautiful funeral urns and reliquaries. To the crucifixes and figurines, are added prayer plates and small crosses.


Chantal Guimont, President
Guy Perreault, Vice President

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